Gucci vibe selection

I really wanted make a special selection of Gucci dupes or items that have this perfect Gucci vibe.




Because I love this style. As you know this winter the trend is very into vintage flower pattern, which is in my opinion incredible, since it is a great way of finding a very trendy and Haute Couture style outfit without freaking out your banker.

Finding a beautiful piece with this Gucci vibe, is a great way to emphasize your outfit.

I am really happy that i have found such a great amount of Gucci dupes that are composed of good materials and doesn’t look like low-end products.

Zara was the brand that most surprised me, their W16 collection is just beautiful and look so high end. This brand keeps on growing and increasing in range.

Most of their bags are vegan friendly, but the shoe range still stays very limited in terms of textile for Vegan.

However,  Asos was a « go to », concerning the choice of shoes, the selection is huge for vegan, the only negative side is that when I was searching for Jumpers I couldn’t sort the items per textile material, which is a little annoying because I had to be careful and look at each time the composition.

I hope you will enjoy my Gucci vibe selection.

Zara Selection

Forever21 Selection

New Look Selection