Crueltyfree tips to grow your hair

Crueltyfree tips to grow your hair with Crueltyfree & Vegan products


In this article you will find 8 crueltyfree tips to help you grow your hair as fast as possible before Spring.


Of course don’t forget that what you eat is what you are ! What i mean by that is the healthier you will eat the better your skin, hair, nails will be.

1) Wash your hair no more than two times a week and if you can do only one shampoo it is better.

Cruelty free selection (Leaping Bunny)

Paul Mitchel


2) Use dry shampoo only once a week, dry shampoo is great to help you reduce your shampoo ritual, but using it too much can dry your scalp and grease it even more.

Crueltyfree dry shampoo


3) Never wash your hair ends, it will dry them.

4) Massage your scalp while you are doing your shampoo it will help your hair grow faster.

5) Use coconut oil on your hair ends as a mask after your shampoo, coconut oil is natural and helps you feed your hair.

6) Never brush your hair after washing it, it will broke them.

7) Use a special brush like Tangle Teaser to help prevent the breaks.

8) Finally always braid your hair before going to sleep, the sebum than will be able to spread through all of your length.


Hope my secrets will help you, i was happy to share it with you.

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